Israeli Forces Detain Nine Palestinians, Summon Five Others from West Bank Districts

JERUSALEM, September 7, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces early Monday detained nine Palestinians, including two minors, and summoned five others from West Bank districts, said security sources and local activist.

Israeli police raided the Jerusalem town of al-‘Issawiya, where they broke into and ransacked several local Palestinians’ houses and detained three Palestinians, including two minors.

The detainees were identified as ‘Aziz, 12,  and Mohammad Elayyan and Mahmoud Khaldoun.

Meanwhile in Hebron district, Israeli forces raided Beit Ummar town to the north of the city, where they proceeded to detain three Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking their houses.

The three detainees were identified as Sami Abu Judeh, 20, Hasan Muqbil, 19, and Yousef Abu ‘Ayyash, 23. They were transferred to an Israeli settlement in northern Hebron after they were handcuffed.

During the predawn raid, forces also stormed and wrecked havoc in a house belonging to Omar al-Salibi, who works as a physician.

Furthermore, forces brutally assaulted a Palestinian in the Hebron Old City’s neighborhood of Jabal Jawhar.

Bilal al-Tamimi, 31, was admitted into a Hebron hospital as a result of sustaining bruises across his body.

Forces also raided other Hebron neighborhoods and Yatta town to the south of the city. They set up roadblocks at the entrances of both Sa‘ir and Halhul towns to the north of the city, where they stopped and examined Palestinian-registered vehicles and inspected passengers’ identification cards.

Meanwhile in Al-Bireh city, forces raided a local house, blowing up the main door, and detained a Palestinian.

The detainee was identified as Najwan Odeh, 33. Najwan’s brother, Hasan, told WAFA that forces seized a number of computers and a tablet.

In the meantime, Israeli Prison forces detained a Palestinian while making a visit to her brother in Nafha prison in the Naqab.

Nadia Labbat, 44, a Palestinian from Qalqiliya, was detained while visiting her brother, Bilal Zreiqi, who has been detained since 2006 and sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment.

Meanwhile in Jenin district, forces stormed and ransacked a Palestinian house in the Jenin neighborhood of al-Sikkah.

The homeowner was identified as Sa‘id Mohammad, whose family members were interrogated. None was reportedly detained during the predawn raid.

This came several hours after forces detained a Palestinian minor from inside a store in Tura village to the west of the city.

The detainees was identified as Hasan Qabaha, 14, a ninth grader.

Meanwhile in Bethlehem district, five Palestinians were summoned from Tuqu‘ and Nahhalin, two towns to the southeast and southwest of the city.

Yoused and Samih Sabbah as well as Mahmoud Mahmoud, all aged 16 from Tuqu‘, were handed notices summoning them to appear before Israeli intelligence in the Israeli detention and interrogation center of Gush Etzion.

Furthermore, Mohammad Shakarna and his son, whose name is not identified, from Nahhalin, were also handed notices ordering them to turn themselves to Israeli intelligence in Gush Etzion.