Israeli Forces Detain Seven Palestinians, Summon Another from Hebron, Nablus Districts

HEBRON, August 12, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces detained early Wednesday seven Palestinians and summoned another from Hebron and Nablus districts, said security sources and an activist.

Israeli forces raided a Hebron city neighborhood, where they proceeded to detain a Palestinian after breaking into and ransacking his house. The detainee was identified as Nasim al-Qawasma, 34.

Forces also raided al-Jilda and Adh-Dhaher localities in Beit Ummar, a town to the north of the city, where they broke into and ransacked several houses, according to Media Coordinator of the Anti-Settlement and Wall Popular Committee Muhammad ‘Awad.

During the predawn raid, forces detained three Palestinians and summoned another, raising the total number of detainees from the town since the first of August to 11, including 5 minors.

Israeli soldiers also detained Mu‘taz Bahar, 17, and handed his father a notice ordering him to appear before Israeli intelligence in Gush Etzion detention and interrogation center.

The other two detainees were identified as Muahannad, 15, and Bara’ Abu Maria, 16.

Meanwhile in Nablus, forces stationed on Huwwara military checkpoint stopped and detained two Palestinians.

The detainees were identified as Muhammad Hannun, 21, and Mu‘ath Shehadeh, 20, both from Balata refugee camp.

Furthermore, forces raided Burqa, a village to the north of the city, where they detained a Palestinian identified as ‘Abdul-Qader Salah.

In the meantime in Qalqiliya district, forces raided Jayyus town to the northeast of the city, where they broke into and ransacked a house.

The house owner was identified as Muhammad Salim. No injury was reported during the predawn raid.

Meanwhile in Bethlehem district, forces raided Taqou‘ town to the east of the city, where they stormed and ransacked several houses. The homeowners were identified as Mousa, Majed, Jamal and Ahmad Ash-Sha‘er.

No injuries were reported during the raid.