Israeli Forces Fire Teargas at Jerusalem Refugee Camp Students

JERUSALEM, November 12, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli police fired tear gas canisters at Palestinian school students crossing a military checkpoint at the entrance of the Shu‘fat refugee camp, north of Jerusalem.

WAFA correspondent said while school students were crossing the checkpoint, forces fired tear gas canisters, causing dozens to suffer from excessive tear gas inhalation.

Israeli police closed the checkpoint at the camp entrance in both directions ahead of traffic purportedly after stones were hurled at them by some Palestinian youth from the camp, hindering locals’ access to schools and workplaces via the checkpoint.

Locals complained that as a result of the severe Israeli access restrictions at checkpoints, they are forced to get out from public taxis at one side of the checkpoint and then pass through electronic turnstiles and get their identification cards inspected before exiting the camp, which delays them.

The severe access restrictions are a part of a series of tough measures adopted against Palestinians in Jerusalem and approved by the Israeli cabinet in mid October following the spate of attacks and clashes in Israel and occupied Palestinian Territories.

The Israeli cabinet decided to impose a lockdown on East Jerusalem neighborhoods and boost police and soldiers reinforcements across the West Bank and along the Gaza border following the recent rising tension.