Israeli Forces Hand Eviction Notices for Bedouins near Jericho

RAMALLAH, January 15, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces handed Thursday eviction orders for several Palestinian Bedouin families near Jericho .

Israeli media reported that Israeli forces handed eviction orders for members of al-Ka‘abna Bedouin tribe, giving them two days only to evict the land they have been settling in for over thirty years.

The Israeli military claimed al-Ka‘abna tribe have illegally took over the land very recently, an allegation that contradicts the fact that the tribe was also evacuated from the same spot by the so-called Israeli Civil Administration in 1984.

The tribe lives in dire conditions; they have no solid houses and live instead in tents.

The Israeli authorities seek to evacuate 70 Palestinians, including 27 children, from this area as well as other Palestinian Bedouins settling in the E1 Area between Jerusalem and the illegal Israeli settlement of Ma‘ali Adumim and force them to relocate to a village that is under construction in the Jordan Valley.

Similar orders are usually issued to evict Palestinians from their land in an attempt to displace the indigenous residents to make room for the construction of new units for the ‘Gush Adumim’ settlement.

Having been displaced for the second time, this Bedouin tribe was forcefully displaced from their original villages in the territories that came to be known as Israel in 1948.