Israeli Forces Harass, Arrest Families of Alleged Palestinian Attackers

Hebron, October 17, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Saturday brutally assaulted the family of a Palestinian teen girl who was fatally shot by an Israeli soldier earlier Saturday in Hebron, whereas Israeli police detained the father and mother of another Palestinian teen who was also killed today by Israeli forces’ fire, after raiding their home in Jerusalem.

In Hebron, forces brutally beat up the family of Bayyan al-Asili, 16, who was shot and killed by a female soldier at a checkpoint in central Hebron earlier Saturday. The teen’s family reportedly headed toward the checkpoint, located close to their home, after receiving news that  al-Asili was shot, where they were attacked by soldiers.

Soldiers at the checkpoint reportedly severally beat up the family, including al-Asili’s father.

In the meantime, Israeli police  raided, searched, broke down doors, and wreaked havoc into the family home of Muta’az Owaisat, 16, who was shot and killed earlier Saturday by Israeli police in Jerusalem after he allegedly attempted to stab a police officer in Jerusalem.

The family denied the Israeli claims that Owaisat attempted to stab a police officer, stating that the teen was carrying a school bag and not a knife.

The family reportedly evicted the house and left the doors open ahead of the Israeli police anticipated raid – Israeli authorities resorts to punitively demolish homes of Palestinians suspected of being involved in attacks against Israelis as means of deterrence – to avoid being assaulted by police.

Al-Haq human rights group slammed the punitive home demolition of Palestinians suspected of being involved in attacks against Israelis, as a collective punishment and that in accordance with humanitarian law and human rights law, it is assessed as a war crime and a crime against humanity.

It said that, “ Since this constitutes deliberate harm to innocents, it is clear that even if house demolition had the desired deterrent effect, it would, nevertheless, remain unlawful.”

Police further detained Owaisat’s parents and took them to an interrogation center in the city of Jerusalem.