Israeli Forces Launch House-to-House Raid Campaign in Ramallah Village

RAMALLAH, January 15, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces early Thursday launched a house-to-house sweep campaign in the village of Aboud to the northwest of Ramallah following an alleged shooting incident close to the small village, said witnesses and a municipal source.

Head of Aboud Local Council Yousef Mas‘ad said that 40 Israeli military vehicles stormed the village overnight, where soldiers and intelligence officers leading tracking dogs broke into residents’ homes, smashing the doors of few houses and spreading panic among the residents, especially children.

The soldiers conducted a house-to-house raid and search campaign purportedly looking for individuals suspected in opening fire at an Israeli military vehicle. The Israeli soldiers’ violent manner in which they stormed the village triggered clashes with some local youth.

The heavily armed Israeli units fired stun grenades and flares over the village environs and closed down a road under construction leading to St. Barbara Monastery using an earth mound.

This came just few hours after an Israeli military vehicle was shot at while travelling along the main road running between Deir Nidham and Deir Abu Mash‘al and Aboud, also known as Road 465.

According to Israeli media sources, no injuries were reported in the incident.

Forces have also shut down the main entrance of the village, causing delays and travel difficulties for the village’s residents.