Israeli Forces Open Fire on Khan Younes Farmers

KHAN YOUNES, January 15, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces opened Thursday morning fire at Palestinian farmers to the east of Khan Younes in the southern Gaza Strip, said WAFA correspondent.

Soldiers stationed at military watchtowers to the east of Khan Younes opened heavy gunfire at Palestinian farmers as they were working in their farmlands, forcing them to leave.

No casualties were reported in the cross-border attack.

Meanwhile, forces stationed at Beit Hanoun (Erez) border crossing in northern Gaza Strip arrested a Palestinian merchant on his way to work in the West Bank.

Anadolu News Agency reported Director of Border Crossing Commission in Gaza Maher Abu Sabha as saying that Salah al-Sharafa, a resident of Gaza, was arrested while he was crossing the border crossing heading to his work in the West Bank.

Israeli forces occasionally arrest Palestinian patients and merchants who need to travel from the besieged coastal enclave to the West Bank via Erez crossing.

Israeli army opens fire routinely at Palestinian fishermen and farmlands along the Gaza border, clearly violating a ceasefire deal reached between Israeli and the Palestinian factions in Gaza.

The Israeli and Palestinian sides reached an Egypt-brokered open-ended ceasefire deal on 26 August to end the 51-day-long Israeli onslaught on the strip.

Over 2,200 Palestinians, overwhelmingly civilians, were killed and 11,000 others were injured during the onslaught that resulted in the demolition of thousands of houses.