Israeli Forces Raid Home of Killed Palestinian near Jenin

JENIN, August 18, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli army forces raided before dawn on Tuesday the house ofMohammad Abu Amsha’s family, a Palestinian who was shot dead in cold blood by the Israeli army on Monday, according to his father.

Bassam Abu Amsha, Mohammad’s father, said an Israeli army force raided the house located in the town of Kafr Ra’i, southwest of Jenin, and interrogated him and other members of his family.

According to witnesses, an Israeli Border policeman physically assaulted Mohammad, who was present at the site, in an extremely degrading manner. The young man, in return, aimed to push the policeman back, but the soldier shot Mohammad with two bullets in his feet. Another Border policeman, who was stationed at a close military tower, shot him with four bullets in the chest, killing him instantly.

The Israeli military and police claimed that Mohammad had attempted to stab the policeman with a knife, but visual evidence of the incident circulated on the internet and proved the inaccuracy of the Israeli army’s narrative.