Israeli Forces Raze Agricultural Land in Nablus Village

NABLUS, December 8, 2014 – (WAFA) – Israeli forces razed Monday Palestinian-owned agricultural land in Jalud village to the south of Nablus, as a prelude to seize it, said a municipal source.

Israeli bulldozers razed agricultural land belonging to the villagers in the proximity of the illegal settlements of Esh Kodesh and Ahiya, said Head of Jalud Local Council ‘Abdullah Muhammad.

He explained that the Israeli forces intend to expand the two illegal settlements at the expense of the village land and warned that more land is threatened with seizure for the benefit of settlement expansion.

Jalud is a small village located in a well-tended valley of olive groves that is surrounded by the illegal settlements of Shvut Rachel, Ahiya, Adei Ad and Esh Kodesh.

Settlers from these settlements frequently attack and harass Palestinian villagers from nearby villages, including Jalud. They have regularly invaded the village and targeted the villagers’ agricultural lands and houses, including setting fire to olive orchards and hurling stones and firebombs at villagers’ houses.

These attacks are intended to terrorize local Palestinians and force them to leave  in order to colonize their properties and make room for settlement construction.

Although villagers tend to complain to Israeli authorities about settlers’ attacks, such attacks are rarely investigated. Israeli soldiers turn a blind eye to such attacks and they only take action when Palestinian locals confront settlers.