Israeli forces violently Suppress Rally Marking Naksa Day

HEBRON, June 6, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Saturday violently suppressed a peaceful rally marking the 48th anniversary of the Naksa Day and calling to provide protection to Beit al-Baraka building located at Jerusalem-Hebron main road and which settlers claim they have previously purchased.

Protesters, including international activists, raised flags of Palestine and chanted slogans condemning the Israeli occupation’s systematic policy which aims to take over Palestinian-owned properties for the benefit of settlement expansion.

WAFA correspondent reported that Israeli forces attacked the rally, beating up protesters with the butts of their rifles, causing many of them injuries and bruises throughout their bodies.

Popular committee’s activist, Yousif Abu Maria, told WAFA that, coinciding with the rally, forces closed down the aforementioned Jerusalem-Hebron road and declared the area a closed military zone in an attempt to prevent the marchers from reaching Beit al-Baraka site.

The activist called on the owner of the building, who carries the Swedish citizenship, to issue a statement regarding the legal status of Beit al-Baraka building, which was constructed as a free tuberculosis treatment center, known as Beit al-Baraka (House of Blessing) more than 70 years ago on 35 Dunams and was shut down in 1983.


To be noted, the attorney representing the owner of the building denied settlers’ claims that they purchased the property.