Israeli Jewish Extremists Suspected in Ramallah Village Arson Attack

RAMALLAH, August 13, 2015 (WAFA) – A Bedouin tent was early Thursday torched and anti-Arab racist slogans were sprayed in a new arson attack perpetrated by suspect Israeli Jewish extremists in the Kafr Malik area of Ein Samiya to the northeast of Ramallah.

Local media reported that a group of Israeli settlers broke into Ein Samiya and threw flammable material on a Bedouin tent, which houses a family from Arab al-Ka‘abnah tribe before fleeing the scene.

The family was able to put the fire out without any injuries.

Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) field worker Zakaria Sadah reported that fires caused substantial damages to the tent, burning everything down.

Sadah added that settlers sprayed “price tag” and other racist slogans in the scene, calling for “burning of all Arabs” and expelling them out of their lands.

RHR reported there were only animal fodder inside the tent and it was “extremely fortunate” that no people were present as the children usually sleep in the corner of the tent.

It said that graffiti reading “administrative revenge” was also scrawled near the tent, implying a revenge attack following the administrative detention of some right-wing Israeli extremists by the Israeli authorities, who were suspected of bruning 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha of Duma.

“It’s time for the Israeli government to put all the efforts in bringing right wing Jewish extremists to justice, but administrative detentions are not the answer,” said RHR spokesman Yariv Mohar.

Local media also reported that “Revenge for Messiah” and the David star were also scrawled on the scene.