Israeli Journalists Condemn Israeli Disruption on Palestinian TV Broadcasting

RAMALLAH, June 9, 2014 (WAFA) – Israeli-Palestinian Journalists’ Forum strongly condemned, in a statement on Monday, the Israeli police disruption on the broadcasting of a Jerusalem-based TV show, produced by the Palestine state TV, last Friday in Jerusalem.

“We express our condemnation and discontent over [Israeli] steps and decisions that would restrict the freedom of expression and spread fear among journalists,” said the statement.

“This incident is not the first to occur; it comes as part of a series of events which seemingly increased in the recent period in which the work of Palestinian, Israeli and international journalists has been under harm (from Israeli police),” it added. “[These events] include the [Israeli police] assault on journalists at Al-Amoud Gate in East Jerusalem and in Al-Arrub refugee camp.”

The statement called upon the Israeli authorities to keep journalists away from being involved in any political tension with the Palestinian Authority. It also called to ensure freedom of press for journalists, without conditions and restrictions that are not based on legal grounds.


Source: WAFA