Israeli Military Erects Watchtower Overlooking Girls’ School in Hebron

HEBRON, March 31, 2015 (WAFA) – The Israeli military forces Tuesday took over a Palestinian’s home, which is adjacent to a local elementary girls’ school in the old town of Hebron and erected a military watchtower overlooking the school’s yard.

In a press release issued by the Ministry of Education, staff from the ministry reported that large Israeli military forces deployed in the area and caused female students to panic and hampered their school day.

The incident comes only month after Israeli forces raided a Palestinian high school in the northern West Bank on February 4, 2015. They stormed the facility and forced students to leave at gunpoint while detaining school staff. The incident took place near the villages of al-Sawiya and al-Lubban, to the south of Nablus.

Israeli military authorities frequently close Palestinian schools or subject students to curfews. Many Palestinian students must pass through Israeli military checkpoints just to get to school, and the military uses these checkpoints to harass and delay students.

The report also said that Israeli soldiers assaulted a number of male and female teachers south of Nablus who were taking part in the Land Day events. The Ministry reported that Israeli military forces targeted the demonstration with tear and pepper gas and physically assaulted participants.

One of the teachers who were beaten up was identified as Adel Odeh. He remains in hospital to recover from his wounds.

The same report stated that Israeli soldiers arrested two students Anas al-Aqra’ and Mohammad al-Aqra’ after leaving their school to the south of Nablus and detained them until late hours for interrogation. They were released the same day however.

The ministry called on legal and humanitarian organizations to interfere and pressure Israel into putting an end to its violations against educational institutions, staff and students in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.