Israeli officer who hit Danish protester with rifle unlikely to be dismissed

Denmark has asked Israel for a report on an incident during which IDF officer Lt.-Col. Shalom Eisner was filmed assaulting a young Danish activist with a rifle. The Danish activist Andreas Ias was one of a large group of protesters who were blocking a main road. Andreas Ias told Israel’s Channel 10 that he was only walking slowly towards the soldiers and were chanting Palestinian songs calling for the liberation of Palestine. ” I don’t believe that is a provocation,” he said.

Out of the sudden the IDF soldier struck Andres Ias in the face and he fell to the ground and was carried away by the other activists. The Israeli Defence Force has begun an investigation into the episode and the Lt. Col. concerned has been temporarily suspended. However it is unlikely that the IDF officer will be dismissed. At least not based on how past incidents have been handled. Very few investigations of violence by the IDF forces against Palestinians or protesters in the West Bank have resulted in criminal prosecution or discharge from the army even though the incident was filmed and generated public protests. According to Haaretz Eisner will get off with a reprimand.

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Source: Maan News and Haaretz