Israeli Police Attacks, Arrests Teens Playing with Snow

JERUSALEM, January 10, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli police Saturday severally beat up and arrested two Palestinian teenagers while they were playing with snow in Ras al-Amoud neighborhood in the East Jerusalem town of Silwan, according to witnesses.


They told WAFA that israeli police attacked the two teenagers aged 16, identified as Abd al-Rahman Brir and Hussam al-Khatib, while they were playing with snow.


Police severally beat up the two teens before arresting them and leading them to a police station in the city of Jerusalem.


Earlier on Saturday, Israeli soldiers attacked minors who were also playing with snow near the village of Burin to the south of Nablus; they fired live ammunition and tear gas at them, shooting and injuring two in their legs. Several cases of tear gas suffocation were also reported.