Israeli Police Attacks Funeral Procession, Kills Palestinian

NAQAB, January 19, 2015 (WAFA) – A Palestinian resident of al-Naqab, Israel’s southern district, died on Monday after excessively inhaling tear gas fired by Israeli police toward Palestinian mourners marching  in the funeral procession of Palestinian Sami Aja’ar, who was killed by Israeli fire last Wednesday.

Witnesses told WAFA that Israeli police attacked the funeral procession of al-Ja’ar, who was killed last Wednesday by Israeli police’ fire in the Bedouin city of Rahat, in southern Israel.

Police arrived at the cemetery during the funeral procession in a provocative manner, fueling anger among mourners who  clashed with the police.

Police fired heavy tear gas canisters toward the mourners, killing Sami al-Zidaneh, 42, as a result of excessive tear gas inhalation. A large number of mourners also suffered from tear gas suffocation and were treated at a nearby local clinic.

The Higher Monitoring Committee for Arabs in Israel have previously announced a general strike on Monday, in protest of the Israeli killing of al-Ja’ar last Wednesday.

The vast majority of villages in al-Naqab still lack infrastructure; the services are poor and inadequate for the large number of residents; and the [Israeli] policy of house demolitions as well preventing Bedouin from receiving building permits continue,” reported media outlets.