Israeli Prison Service Refuses to Replace Palestinian Inmate’s Prosthetic Leg

RAMALLAH, January 17, 2015 (WAFA) – The Detainees and ex-Detainees Affairs Committee Saturday reported that the Israeli prison administration evaded its promise and refused to give permission for a surgery for a Palestinian prisoner in urgent need of an artificial limb.

The committee’s lawyer, Karim Ajwa, said that prisoner Mohammad Ibrash, sentenced to a lifetime in prison since 2003, suffers from severe infections in his amputated leg and is in urgent need to replace his prosthetic leg. He also suffers from vision disabilities and is in need of corneal transplant in his left eye.

Ibrash has previously paid an amount of 2500 Shekels to the prison administration following a previous agreement with the latter to allow him to undergo surgery after securing the needed money. However, the prison administration broke its promise and informed Ibrash that he would only be allowed to add a piece to his old artificial leg, which is in a very poor condition.

The committee condemned the prison administration’s unethical measures taken against Palestinian prisoners, noting that it stalls their treatment, making their bodies hotbeds of epidemics and diseases.

The Israeli prison administration continues to deny prisoners access to necessary medical treatment, persisting on its systematic policy of deliberate medical negligence In violation of medical ethics and International Law. There are around 1500 sick Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli jails.

Prisoners detained in Israeli jails are held in cells that lack basic health standards, highlighting the infestation of insects and rats and lack of proper heating infrastructure, which further worsens their already poor health conditions.