Israeli Settler Attacking Palestinian Cars, Gets Fatally Run Over

HEBRON, October 20, 2015 (WAFA) – An Israeli settler Tuesday died after being run over as he went on an attack spree against Palestinian cars driving along al-Fawwar junction to the south of Hebron.

WAFA reported witnesses as saying that an Israeli settler was seen going on a smashing spree using a club, stopping and smashing the windows of Palestinian registered vehicles – who had children on board – driving along al-Fawwar junction.

Witnesses were also reported as saying that the settler was also was seen moving to the nearby bypass road 60, where he continued to stop and smash the glass of Palestinian vehicles travelling along the road.

As the settler was going on his car smashing spree, he was run over by a Palestinian registered truck.

Witnesses were reported in local Palestinian media as saying that as the settler went on his car smashing spree on Road 60, he stopped and attempted to board the truck and assault the driver. As the driver attempted to evade the settlers’ attack, he accidently ran him over.

Local media reported Israeli paramedics as saying that the settler was “killed” as he was run over by a car in an accident that may have followed stone-throwing in the area.

Israeli media reported that the settler was hit by a truck as he inspected the damage to his own car caused after he was pelted with rocks by Palestinians near al-Fawwar junction.

Israeli paramedics attempted to resuscitate the settler, in his 50s, but he died at the scene.

Israeli media said that it was not clear if the second vehicle was deliberately driven toward the settler or not.

The Palestinian driver reportedly turned himself over to a Palestinian police station in the nearby town of Adh-Dhahiriya, southwest of Hebron, saying it was an accident.