Israeli Settler Kills Teen in Hebron’s Old City, Second since Thursday Morning

HEBRON, October 29, 2015 (WAFA) – An Israeli settler Thursday shot dead a 19-year-old Palestinian in Ash-Shuhada Street, just few hundred of meters away from al-Ibrahimi mosque, reported WAFA correspondent.

Ambulance crews were banned access to the young injured man, identified as Farouq Abdul Qader Sidr. Tens of Israeli settlers then attacked Palestinians’ homes in Ash-Shuhada Street and surrounded some of them.

According to the Israeli human rights center, B’Tselem, Ash-Shuhada Street, “One of Hebron’s main thoroughfares, links the north and south of the city and passes by the major markets, the Old City , the Tomb of the Patriarchs and al-Haram al-Ibrahimi, and Israeli settlement compounds.”

Since October 2000, Israel banned Palestinians to walk or drive on the street, without issuing a valid military order, while Israeli settlers continue to move freely on the street.

Being the center of the Old City, this major and unjustified closure has led to an economic collapse of the city center. “Many residents have left, and the area has become a ghost town,” said B’Tselem.

“The closing of Shuhada Street is part of the policy of separation that Israel imposes in the heart of Hebron. This policy has led to Palestinian mass abandonment of the city center and has brought with it severe, continuing breach of the human rights of Palestinians. It is, de facto, an unacceptable regime of discriminatory separation,” the group explained.

After almost 30 days of violence, Hebron has officially been labeled by as the “Martyrs Capital” by Palestinians. Since October 1, a total of 26 Palestinians were killed in Hebron alone, local sources confirmed.

Since Thursday morning, three Palestinians were shot dead, bringing the death toll to 68 since October 1. The second Palestinian killed was identified as 23-year-old Mahdi Muhtasib who was shot by an Israel soldier near al-Ibrahimi Mosque.

Meanwhile, 52-year-old Nadim Shuqirat was pronounced dead Thursday morning as a result to ambulance crews’ delay, as Israel continues to impose tight restrictions on Palestinians’’ movement in Jabal al-Mukabir in Jerusalem.

Minister of health Jawad Awwad condemned the ongoing Israeli assault of the Palestinian people, health facilities and ambulance crews.

He said ambulance crews, medical centers and staff registered over 200 violations since October 1, 2015. The latest violation of which is preventing ambulance crews from providing urgent medical care to Palestinians who are critically injured by Israeli soldiers’ fire.

Awwad denounced storming al-Makassed Hospital for the third time in a month, attacking staff and firing teargas canisters within the premises. He called on the international community to immediately interfere to put an end to Israeli crimes against the Palestinians.