Israeli Settler Targets Dormition Church in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, December 31, 2014 (WAFA) – An Israeli settler was arrested for attacking the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem, and vandalizing a cross and a statue, reported local media.

The Executive Secretary of the Jerusalem Inter-Church Center of the Heads of Churches of Jerusalem (JIC), Yusef Daher, told WAFA the church was attacked by an Israeli settler who vandalized its content, an incident that is not the first of its kind.

In 2013, a similar attack took place where vandals targeted the church, where Virgin Mary passed away; by spraying graffiti on its walls with anti-Christian slogans such as ‘Christians are monkeys’ and ‘Christians are slaves”.

According to media reports, the church’s guard arrested the settler after the latter jumped over the wall and vandalized the cross and the statue which were at sight.

Daher said such incidents take place often. The only difference this time that the Israeli police arrested the settler the same day, he said.

The Jerusalem Fund report “When Settlers Attack” stated, “From 2010 to 2011 there was a 39 percent increase in incidents of Israel Settler violence. In the five year period from 2007 through 2011 there has been a 315 percent increase. Conversely, over the same 5-year period, there has been a 95 percent decrease in Palestinian violence in the West Bank.”