Israeli settlers Release Cows into Palestinian Land

JENIN, November 8, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli settlers Sunday released cow herds into Palestinian-owned land – isolated by the Illegal Israeli separation wall – at the southern part of the village of Jalboun to the east of Jenin, according to a local official.

A Fatah official told WAFA that the land owners headed in the early morning hours toward their land situated behind the separation wall, which engulfed part of the village’s southern land, in order to harvest their olive crops, but were surprised to find cow herds released into their land.

The village of Jalaboun is surrounded by three illegal Israeli settlements, two of which are infamous for raising cows and sheep.

The Fatah official, identified as Fahim Abu Rub, noted that around two years ago, the Palestinian Red Crescent and the village council carried out a reclamation project in land located behind the separation wall, where a barbed fence was placed to separate the village’s land from the 1948 occupied land, Israel.

However, locals reported that they found part of that fence removed about a few days ago.

To be noted, Palestinians whose land lies behind the separation barrier must obtain special permits – which are not easily granted and are often given to only specific family members – to enter their land.

Settlers have been systematically assaulting Palestinians and their property across the occupied West Bank. They often set fire to olive trees or chop them down and release wild pigs on Palestinian-owned agricultural land, causing extensive destruction to Palestinian crops.

Such assaults are ignored by Israeli forces, who frequently protect settlers or stand by watching.