Israeli Supreme Court Annuls Ban of Arab Knesset Member to Run for Elections

NAZARETH, February 19, 2015 (WAFA) – The Supreme Court of Israel has decided to allow Palestinian Arab member of Israeli Knesset, Haneen al-Zoabi, to run for parliamentary elections set for March 17.

The court’s decision came only days after the Israeli Central Elections Committee banned her from running for parliamentary elections, saying she was unqualified.

Reasons behind the ban claim that al-Zoabi supports ‘terrorist’ groups and actions against Israel. Al-Zoabi affirmed yesterday that she has never done anything she is not proud of and was certain the court will reject the ban.

Even after her ban, videos circulating the internet showed al-Zoabi rooming the streets of Nazareth, speaking to Palestinian Arab residents in preparation for the upcoming elections.

The Arab political parties in Israel previously announced their intent to run in a united bloc to the elections. The Arab list is mainly composed of the Democratic Arab Front, the Balad Party (National Democratic Assembly), the Islamic Movement (the North branch) and the Arab Movement for Renewal.

Opinion polls have revealed overwhelming support among Palestinian Arabs in Israel for such a move.

Analysts believe this will increase turnout among Arab voters and will secure more seats for them in the next Knesset set.