Jerusalemite Students Start Open-Ended Strike to Condemn Israeli Negligence of School Needs

peaceful protest march at Qalandia checkpoint-gettyimages

JERUSALEM, September 8, 2014 (WAFA) – Around 7,000 students in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabbir started on Monday an open-ended strike in protest of the Israeli municipality’s deliberate negligence to several of their demands, according to local sources.

In the meantime, Bassam Sarkhi, a parent, told WAFA that an Israeli Police unit arrested two of students’ parents, who are members of the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) at the school, and led them to a nearby interrogation center.

Sarkhi said the strike will be open-ended until the Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem meets their demands, on top of which increasing the number of classrooms which are currently falling short to absorb the increasing number of enrolled students.


Source: WAFA