Karem Abu Salem Crossing Open to Allow Goods into Besieged Gaza

RAFAH, February 19, 2015 (WAFA) – Karem Abu Salem commercial border crossing was opened Thursday morning to allow truckloads of goods and building material entry into the blockaded Gaza Strip, said a Palestinian official.


Head of the Presidential Commission for the Coordination of Goods into Gaza Strip Raed Fattouh said that 400 truckloads of goods and construction material were allowed entry into Gaza through Karem Abu Salem border crossing.


Fatouh noted that 150 truckloads of gravel were intended for the Qatar-funded road reconstruction projects while the rest were carrying goods intended for both commercial and agricultural sectors.


According to Fattouh, unidentified quantities of diesel and gasoline for transportation as well as were cooking gas and industrial fuel were allowed entry into Gaza.


Karem Abu Salem is the only commercial crossing used for the entry of goods, aid and fuel. Meanhwile, the other crossing Rafah, which links to neighboring Egypt, remains closed, except for critical medical cases that require transfer to Egypt’s hospitals.