Leadership Calls for Honoring Ceasefire Agreement

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RAMALLAH, August 27, 2014 (WAFA) – The Palestinian leadership called, in a statement Tuesday, for honoring the ceasefire agreement reached Tuesday evening, putting an end to the 51 days of Israeli military aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

During a meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas in the Presidency Headquarters in Ramallah Tuesday night, the leadership stressed the need to work on implementing a national plan that would lead to the end of the Israeli occupation and that would prompts the international community and the UN Security Council to uphold their responsibility in this regard within a specific timetable.

The leadership called to further promote the national unity and cohesion among the Palestinian people, urging them to continue with their popular struggle against settlement construction in the Palestinian Territory.

Furthermore, the leadership underscored ongoing efforts to ensure the freedom of the Palestinian prisoners, held in Israeli jails, including Palestinians arrested during the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Following is the full statement by the leadership:

“Presided by President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leadership held its meeting on August 26th 2014 in the city of Ramallah. The attendees stood up to recite Surat Al-Fatiha for the deceased Palestinians, who were killed during the aggression, and to salute the heroic martyrs of the [Israeli] aggression.

The leadership agreed on the following:

1- The Palestinian leadership highlights the necessity for honoring the ceasefire which has put an end to the criminal Israeli aggression against our people for over 51 days.

At the beginning of the meeting, President Abu Mazen stressed the need to promptly start with the humanitarian assistance in all its forms given the magnitude of tragedy, devastation and destruction that was inflicted upon ‘our steadfast [Gaza] Strip’. [He also asserted that] the humanitarian relief should include starting the reconstruction process of the Strip; hundreds of thousands of ‘our people’ are displaced; hundreds of schools have been destroyed by the aggression, in addition to hospitals, mosques, cemeteries, residential towers, and infrastructure, including power, water and others.

The fact that [we have] more than 2000 martyrs and more than 10 thousand wounded should be a strong motive towards accelerating the reconstruction process, which requires unordinary efforts by all the relevant international and Arab institutions.

The leadership expressed hope that the lessons and results of the Israeli aggression will be an incentive for reinforcing the unity of the Palestinian position and decision, including the enhancement of the role of the national unity government so as to uphold its role across the [Palestinian] homeland.

2-  The Palestinian leadership underlines the necessity to work on implementing a Palestinian national plan that leads to the end of the occupation and prompts the international community and the UN Security Council to uphold their responsibility in this regard within a specific timeline.

President Abu Mazen affirmed the importance for an Arab and international consensus towards this plan during the next period, in order [for all the concerned parties] to abide by it thus the State of Palestine can assume its full sovereignty over its land and its capital, Jerusalem, based on 1967 borders.

In case these steps are not committed to, several procedures will be taken to reinforce the international status of the State of Palestine at all international organizations and bodies.

3-  The Palestinian leadership calls on ‘our great people’ for more national unity and more cohesion as they showed during the days of the Israeli wanton aggression, as well as to stand determined against any plots targeting the ‘shredding’ of our national unity. [The leadership] calls upon them to be committed to acting under the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the sole and legitimate representative of our people, especially during the next difficult period.

4-  The Palestinian leadership calls for continuing popular action and struggle against settlement construction that is still invading our homeland, particularly in Jerusalem where the ‘Zionist’ violations continue against the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque in a ceaseless and planned attempt to Judiaze and divide it [between Muslims and Jews].

5-  The Palestinian leadership underscores ongoing efforts to ensure the freedom of the prisoners, [held in Israeli jails], including those arrested during the aggressive war on the Gaza Strip. The leadership also stressed it opposition of the inside or abroad deportation of any freed prisoner.

Source: WAFA