March 5 Marked National Environment Day in Palestine

RAMALLAH, February 25, 2015 (WAFA) – The cabinet has approved a proposal presented by the Ministry of Environmental Quality to mark the 5th of March as a national environmental day for Palestine, in an attempt to promote protection for the environment and nature.

A press release which WAFA has received said that the Ministry has suggested the allocation of one day as a national environment day following the example of other world countries, which choose certain days and animals as national symbols.

The ministry explained that the 5th of March was chosen, because it coincides with the beginning of spring, earth day, Karama battle anniversary, mother’s day and woman day, which are all significant national occasions.

The ministry also said that the Palestine sunbird, also known as the northern orange-tufted sunbird, was officially chosen as the country’s national environmental symbol.

The Palestine Sunbird is the only bird globally identified as originally from Palestine, and could be found documented in the Field Guide of the Birds in the Middle East certified by BirdLife International.

The Palestine Sunbird, which has a fairly long, black and curved downwards bill, was discovered for the first time in 1865 and inhabits Palestine as its original home.

To mark a day for the environment in Palestine is to celebrate its rich nature and environmental diversity, believes the ministry. Allocating a day for Palestine’s environment is bound to shed the light on the environmental reality and violations committed by Israel.

The day also aims to raise awareness about the importance of environment and ways to protect it through environmentally responsible actions.