Minister Abu Ein’s Death Result of Injury, Shows Autopsy

RAMALLAH, December 11, 2014 (WAFA) – Refuting Israeli claims that the death of Minister Ziad Abu Ein, 55, was the result of a natural heart attack, Saber al-‘Aloul, Director of the Palestinian Medico-legal Institute, Thursday announced that Abu Ein’s death was in fact caused by an injury.

Al-‘Aloul said in a press conference in Ramallah that the initial results produced by the medical committee appointed by the Attorney-General to perform autopsy on the body of Abu Ein, revealed that he suffered from a narrowing of the coronary artery accompanied by a bleeding in the inner lining of the heart as a result of pressure that goes with cases of severe agony and distress.

The autopsy showed that Abu Ein also suffered from a wounding to his front teeth, bruises on the tongue, neck, from both right and left sides, and further bruises on the thyroid cartilage. The results revealed traces of teargas.

Health Minister Jawad Awad said that Doctor Mu’min al-Hadidi and Qais al-Khususi from Jordan and an Israeli doctor who refused to sign the report for the lack of a Hebrew transcript, participated in the autopsy.

Spokesman for the Palestinian national government Ehab Bessaiso said, ‘Yesterday we held the Israeli government accountable for the assassination of Minister Abu Ein. Today, based on the autopsy results, we hold the Israeli government accountable for the murder of Ziad Abu Ein.’

Israeli media reported on the Israeli doctor who participated in the autopsy, Hen Kugel saying that the wounding to Abu Ein’s teeth and windpipe does not matter, and that he died because of his heart and stress.

Videos circulating on social media showed that Abu Ein was grabbed by his throat and hit in the chest by the butt of an Israeli soldier’s gun. He was severely assaulted by Israeli soldiers before he fully collapsed to the ground. Abu Ein went into a coma and was later pronounced dead.

Witnesses at the non-violent protest including journalists covering the event said that Abu Ein was beaten up by Israeli soldiers during the peaceful event, which aimed at planting Olive trees near the village of Turmusayya, northeast of Ramallah.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the death of Abu Ein, calling it a ‘barbaric act which cannot be tolerated’.