Minister Calls for Protecting Palestinians, Holy Sites, against Israel’s Violations

Bombe over Gaza

RAMALLAH, July 13, 2014 (WAFA) – Minister of Religious Affairs Yousef Id’ais called, in a statement Sunday, upon the international community and the Muslim world to act to protect the Palestinian people and the holy sites in light of the Israeli daily systematic violations.

He said that Israel continues its religious and cultural persecution against the Palestinian people and particularly Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, through unceasing violations against mosques by either destruction or burning.

Id’ais said mosques in Gaza have been under systematic and deliberate Israeli violations in a war that “breaches international laws and customs pertaining to the protection of religious sites.”

Following are details on recent Israeli violations against mosques in Gaza:

– Bombing the minaret of al-Huda Mosque in Khuza’a town east of Khan Yunes, where a Palestinian was injured.

– bombing an agricultural area to the south of the Islamic Complex in al-Sabra quarter in Gaza city,

– bombing an agricultural area near Musab Bin Umair Mosque in Gaza city,

– bombing the yards of Al-Shekaki Mosque in Gaza city,

– bombing and killing of two Palestinians in the surrounding of al-Furqan Mosque in Deir el-Balah,

– bombing and killing of three people near Ansar Mosque,

– bombing and destroying al-Farouq Mosque in Nusseirat refugee camp,

– bombing the surroundings of many mosques across the Gaza Strip,

– bombing an empty area adjacent to Halima Mosque in Khan Yunes where mass destruction to the mosque was reported,

– bombing the surrounding of a mosque in Az-Zaytoun quarter in Gaza, where a Palestinian was killed and 20 others were injured, including worshipers who were leaving the mosque, injuring at least five,

– bombing and partially destroying around 34 mosques across Gaza,

– bombing and completely destroying ar-Rahman Mosque in Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza,

– bombing and completely destroying ar-Rebat Mosque in Az-Zaytoun quarter in Gaza, and finally

– perpetrating a massacre by bombing and killing almost 15 and injuring 35 worshipers on Saturday night while they were leaving al-Haramayn Mosque in Gaza.

Source: WAFA