MK Abu Arar Demands Israel to Release Body of Palestinian Killed in Beersheba

NAZARETH, November 4, 2015 (WAFA) – Palestinian Arab Member of the Israeli Knesset Talab Abu Arar Wednesday demanded Israel to release the body of Muhanad al-Okabi, from Beersheba, who was killed allegedly for shooting an Israeli soldier.

Abu Arar said, during a Knesset session, that Al-Okabi is innocent and was not proven guilty in carrying out any attack. Abu Arar said the Israeli government must return the body of al-Okabi to his family in order to be buried.

Abu Arar explained his demand saying, “Those who think withholding a body would support calm are mistaken. Refusing to release a body is immoral and is completely striped from humanity. It contradicts all laws; both divine and earthly.”