Mother of Toddler Killed in Duma Arson Attack Succumbs to Wounds

TEL AVIV, September 7, 2015 (WAFA) – 36-year-old Riham Dawabsheh, the mother of Palestinian toddler Ali Dawabsheh who was killed in Duma arson attack on July 31 by Jewish terrorists, succumbed to her third-degree burns and died last night, doctors at Tel HaShomer hospital in Tel Aviv informed her relatives.


Riham’s son, 18-month-old Ali, was killed on the spot, while his father, Sa’ad died of his wounds about one week later. Ahmad, the family’s four-year-old son, was also injured in the attack, but doctors at Tel Hashomer hospital, where he is being treated, have indicated an improvement in his condition.


Shortly after Riham was announced dead, the government blamed the Israeli government for being “lenient” with extremist Jewish settlers, and said Israel failed to bring those terrorists to justice. The Israeli government, the government’s statement added, was also involved in a war crime against the entire family.


The government underscored efforts by President Mahmoud Abbas to refer the case of deadly arson attack against Dawabsheh family to all international forums, and said it will hold Israel and its settlers responsible for their crimes against innocent Palestinians.


The arson which took place on July 31 was vehemently condemned as a terrorist act by almost all the countries, including the United States and the Israeli government.


Though Israeli Prime Minister pledged to bring the perpetrators to justice, Abbas has questioned the Israeli government’s commitment to end violence, saying the Israeli government would have been able to stop settlers’ violence if it really wanted to do so.


Last month, Abbas announced that the Palestinian leadership would prepare a file on the Duma crime and submit it to the International Criminal Court (ICC).