Newspaper Review: Dailies Highlight Area C Report, Fight in Yarmouk Refugee Camp

RAMALLAH, April 8, 2015 (WAFA) – The findings of a report recently published by Rabbis for Human Rights, an Israeli human rights organization, which revealed a pattern of restricted planning for Palestinians in the West Bank C Area coupled with enduring fighting in Yarmouk refugee camp, dominated the front pages of the three Palestinian Arabic dailies.

Highlighting the main findings of the report in its main front page news item, al-Quds reported that that Israeli military planning allocates less than 1% of the West Bank Area C for Palestinian, while grants 70% for settlers.

It also reported that homes’ construction for the indigenous Palestinian people has been prevented and homes that have been already built are regularly being demolished. The report showed that Jewish settlers are consistently offered facilities to serve them unlike Palestinians.

While the Israeli restrictions placed on Palestinian planning was selected as the main news item in al-Quds, al-Ayyam highlighted that the Palestinian government has formed two committees to be in charge of accelerating the process of addressing the Gaza Strip issues.

It added that the government has been accused by Hamas as being acting individually and reneging on issues that are mutually agreed upon.

Highlighting Israeli settlers’ violations throughout the West Bank, al-Quds reported that settlers uprooted olive trees in the Bethlehem village of al-Jab‘a, and opened fire on Palestinian farmers in the Bethlehem town of al-Khader.

Al-Ayyam reported that dozens of settlers had forced their way into the al-Aqsa Mosque Compound and were confronted by Palestinians worshippers.

With regard to the ongoing fighting in Yarmouk refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus, in Syria, al-Quds covered the renewed clashes and bombardment in the camp and reported on PLO senior official Ahmad Majdalani as affirming the ongoing coordination and cooperation between Palestinian and Syrian governments.

It also quoted Maher al-Taher, a Palestinian leader in the camp, as saying that Palestinian factions are examining the situation and mull common efforts to push ‘Islamic State’ group out of the camp.

Al-Ayyam reported in this regard that no food or water is left in the camp and that all physicians have fled except for very few paramedics.

It also reported that Kuwait has signed an agreement with the Palestinian government pledging $200 million in support of Gaza reconstruction process.

Both newspapers said the World Bank is warning against the consequences of the accumulated electricity bill to the Israeli Electric Corporation and overdue Palestinian tax revenues threaten which would eventually undermine the Palestinian economy.

The three papers also reported that US President Barack Obama has rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand that Iran recognizes Israel’s right to exist as part of the nuclear agreement.