Newspaper Review: Friday Weekly Marches against Wall and Settlement Focus of Dailies

RAMALLAH, March 7, 2015 (WAFA) – Friday weekly marches organized across the West Bank against wall and settlement hit the front page headlines of Palestinian dailies.


Al-Quds and al-Hayat al-Jadida reported that scores of marchers were injured and suffered excessive tear gas suffocation, including a child who was shot and injured by Israeli forces during the weekly peaceful marches.


Al-Quds added that clashes broke out between Palestinian activists an Israeli forces at the Bawwabat al-Quds (Gate to Jerusalem) protest tent village to the east of Abu Dis and that Israli forces opened fire on Palestinian farmers to the east of Khan Younes.


Al-Hayat al-Jadida added as part of its main news item that four French activists were detained during the Bil‘in weekly march and that Israeli settlers organized a ‘provocative’ march in Hebron that called for murdering and displacing Palestinians.


Al-Quds printed a photo featuring two Israeli soldiers assaulting a Palestinian during clashes at Bawwabt al-Quds, while al-Hayat al-Jadida printed a photo showing the tent village being demolished by Israeli bulldozers.


While the Friday weekly marches made it as the main front page news item in al-Quds and al-Hayat al-Jadida, al-Ayyam opted to highlight the purported vehicular attack in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem.


It reported that five Israelis were injured as a Palestinian ran them over by his vehicle. The Palestinian sustained serious wounds after being shot by Israeli police.


Al-Quds reported that seven Israelis were injured, mostly from Israeli ‘border police’.


Indicating that the incident was a vehicular accident, al-Hayat al-Jadida quoted Muhammad al-Salaymeh’s father as saying: “We were taken by surprise to see Muhammad’s images being televised. Muhammad could not control his vehicle.”


Al-Quds reported that an agreement is within reach to open Rafah border crossing once Palestinian presidential guard takes control of it.


It also reported an Israeli project in the pipeline aims to build an air train starting from ‘Zion’s mountain’ to Gethsemane.


Al-Quds and al-Hayat al-Jadida reported that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed his concerns over the PLO’s Central Council’s decision to halt security coordination with Israel.


The three dailies reported White House officials as announcing that US President Barack Obama intends to introduce a new peace initiative, while al-Quds reported other Washington official sources as denying that Obama intends to do so.


Al-Hayat al-Jadida reported that two Palestinian young men were shot and injured by Israeli forces near the Jalama military checkpoint to the north of Jenin.