Newspapers Review: Dailies Highlight Army Killing in Jenin

RAMALLAH, September 18, 2013 (WAFA) – The three Palestinian Arabic dailies highlighted in their Wednesday issue the Israeli army killing of a young Palestinian in Jenin refugee camp, giving details about the army operation with the papers stressing that Islam Toubasi was killed in cold blood.

The papers quoted family members saying that the army could have easily apprehended Toubasi, who was asleep on the roof of their house in Jenin refugee camp at the time of the raid. But instead, the army opened fire at him without any cause leading to speculation that the operation was intended to kill rather than arrest Toubasi.

The papers also highlighted reports that an Israeli contractor left an injured Palestinian worker in the street in Tel Aviv to bleed to death and refused to give him any assistance.

The worker, who did not have a work permit, was seriously injured while working in construction in a Tel Aviv building. His employer left him on the sidewalk where he died, according to what witnesses told the Israeli daily Haaretz.

Al-Ayyam said the fate of the Hamdallah government will be decided on Wednesday. It said President Mahmoud Abbas will hold a final meeting with Prime Minister-designate Rami Hamdallah on the structure of the new government, which Hamdallah should have announced by Tuesday midnight, the end of the legal five-week period he had to form a new government.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida said Abbas met with US peace envoy Martin Indyk in Ramallah and he is going to meet with US President Barack Obama in New York on Monday when Abbas travels there for the opening sessions of the United Nations General Assembly.

The paper reported that Jordan complained to Israel over attempts to change the Arab character of buildings in occupied East Jerusalem.

It said in another story that Israel has allowed entry of cement and other construction material into Gaza for the first time in six years.

Another story focused on an attempt by a Jerusalem resident to take by force his daughter from her mother in Nablus. The attempt failed when police stopped the car at a checkpoint before leaving the city.

Al-Quds highlighted the Israeli settlement activities, including a plan to build a major road that goes through the West Bank to link the illegal settlements of Gush Etzion with the Dead Sea.

It said in a story from the German news agency dpa quoting an unnamed Palestinian official saying that Palestinian-Israeli differences over the issue of security, which Israel insists on talking about first in the negotiations, have caused a deadlock.

source:WAFA NEWS