Nine Jerusalemites Arrested by Israel in December over Facebook Posts

JERUSALEM, January 28, 2015 (WAFA) – The Israeli authorities have arrested nine Jerusalemites since the beginning of December 2014 for allegedly inciting anti-Israeli violence on their personal social network page, Facebook.

The Detainees and Ex-detainees Commission Lawyer Tareq Barghouty said that the Israeli authorities’ adopt a policy of double standards in law enforcement; authorities frequently detain and indict Israeli Arabs over incitement, but turn a blind eye to Israelis who incite against Arabs.

An Israeli police spokesperson described this latest Israeli policy of arresting Jerusalemites over Facebook posts as the ‘biggest move aimed at repressing this kind of incitement to violence on social networks and the Internet,’ reported media sources.

As stressed by media outlets, “the Fourth Geneva Convention asserts the same right of the Palestinian citizens to armed resistance against occupying forces.”

In this regard, Palestinian local media said “Israel is not only in breach of International Law by illegally occupying the land of the West Bank, but is now jailing those who express views in accordance with International Law.”

Meanwhile, an Israeli court postponed the trial of several Palestinians from Jerusalem over Facebook posts.

The Israeli Jerusalem District Magistrate Court postponed the trial of the Palestinians detained on charges of incitement to February 16 and that they would be brought to trial on February 9.

The Palestinians slated to stand trial were detained early December.

Jerusalem has been witnessing a surge of unrest in the past few months, mainly following the settlers’ killing and burning to death of teenager Mohammad Abu khudair in July 2014. Abu Khdair was a resident of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat.

This incident was followed by several other incidents, which led to several civilian causalities at both Palestinian-Israeli sides.

Senior Border Police official Aviad Ketafi told Times of Israel that security forces had been working “very hard” to monitor social media profiles and online forums in hopes of identifying potential attackers, following a wave of attacks last month.