Obama to Offer Netanyahu Pressures on Iran for Ceding to Palestinians

TEL AVIV, February 10, 2013 (WAFA) – U.S. President Barack Obama, during his expected upcoming visit to the area, will suggest to Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu to intensify pressures on Iran in exchange with a ceding to Palestinians, Sunday said Israeli daily newspaper, Maarif.

The Israeli paper that reported from the British daily, The Sunday Times, said Obama will arrive with “a carrot and a stick” policy in an attempt to persuade Israelis to negotiate with Palestinians regarding borders and security issues.

According to Maarif, The Sunday Times quoted Aaron David Miller, a U.S. State Department adviser on Middle East affairs, saying “Barack Obama does not want to be the American president on whose watch Iran acquires a nuclear weapon or be accused of presiding over the demise of what’s left of the two-state solution.”

It added that senior staff members of the White House have arrived to Israel to help form an Arabic-Turkish front to control the situation in the region.

Source: WAFA News