PA Embassy in South Africa Criticizes Israeli Lobbying of Jerusalemite

PRETORIA, March 5, 2015 (WAFA) – The Palestinian Embassy in South Africa Thursday issued a press statement criticizing a self-proclaimed activist from Jerusalem who arrived in South Africa as a guest of the Israeli lobby, which coincides with the nationwide 11th international Palestine Solidarity Campaign “Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW)”.

The Embassy said, “[Eid] does not represent the Palestinian Embassy in South Africa nor the Government of Palestine. In fact, we condemn the childish efforts by the Israeli lobby to try to undermine IAW by employing the expired tactic of using discredited and unrepresentative voices.”

The Palestinian Embassy in South Africa became aware that Eid, who claims to be a human rights activist, is currently in South Africa as a guest of the pro-Israeli lobby.

According to the press statement, Eid’s agenda is seemingly “to undermine the current nationwide 11th international Palestine solidarity campaign “Israeli Apartheid Week”.

He was deployed, as the Embassy explained, to discredit the South African human rights organization BDS South Africa.

The Embassy distanced itself from Eid saying that many Palestinians share the Embassy’s point of view. “Many Palestinians when they hear the words of Bassem Eid they feel ashamed.”

“The Embassy of the State of Palestine wants to state it categorically that we fully support and appreciate all the Palestine solidarity organizations in this country, the BDS campaign and specifically IAW.”

Furthermore, the Embassy confirmed that “Eid’s approach of blaming the victim does not help the Palestinian interest in any way.”

The Embassy expressed pride of being part of this year’s events in South Africa, which is supported by over 85 South African organizations including SA’s ruling party, the ANC.

It expressed confidence that the South African people will see through this Israeli ploy as Apartheid South Africa also sent “good blacks” to whitewash Apartheid’s crimes. “Likewise Eid (and Gabriel Nadaf) are being used to whitewash Israel’s Apartheid policies.”

The Palestinian Embassy thanked all peace loving South Africans that have taken to the streets and onto their University campuses during this international campaign and pledging solidarity with Palestine and her people. It said, “We have no doubt that one day (soon) all Palestinian refugees will return home to a free Palestine.”