Palestinian Prisoner Brutally Assualted in Israeli Rimon Jail

RAMALLAH, February 24, 2015 (WAFA) – The Palestinian detainees and ex-detainees affairs committee revealed that Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli Rimon Prison were brutally attacked and forced to live under tragic conditions.

The committee, in a press statement Tuesday, said that special units, accompanied with police dogs, raided three wards and subjected prisoners to physical assault after seizing all their personal belongings, including clothes, blankets, and electric tools.

The prisoners were hand and leg tied and led to the prison yard, where they were left for eight hours in the cold weather surrounded by the dogs.

Three prisoners were also placed in solitary confinement without clothes or blankets despite of the extreme cold winter. Meanwhile, 24 prisoners were brutally attacked and transferred to criminal cells also without clothes or blankets; mixing Palestinian prisoners with Israeli criminal prisoners.

The committee stressed that a state of alert was raised throughout the prison; a list of sanctions were imposed on prisoners, including large fines amounting to NIS 30,000, in addition to denying them family visitations. Furthermore, Prisoners are no longer permitted to leave their rooms for the daily break period.

The committee reported on the case of prisoner Hamza Abu Sawan, a resident of Gaza who was allegedly accused of attacking one of the prison guards and was attacked in a very brutal manner which necessitated his transfer to hospital. He was later sent to Nafha Israeli prison while suffering from a very difficult health situation.

The committee warned of the tragic situation prisoners are currently living under, demanding a prompt intervention to save their lives.

More than 6,500 Palestinian political prisoners are currently held in Israeli jails, dozens of whom serve multiple life sentences. About 1,500 prisoners are believed to have health problems due to medical negligence.