Palestinian Shot by Israeli Forces in Gaza Succumbs to Critical Wounds

GAZA, October 10, 2015 (WAFA) – A Palestinian youth, who was shot and critically injured by Israeli soldiers’ fire during clashes that broke out near Gaza borderline on Friday evening, succumbed to his serious wounds early Saturday.

Medical sources reported that Jihad al-Obaid, 22, succumbed to serious bullet wounds, while he was receiving treatment at the European Gaza Hospital in Khan Younis, a city in the southern Gaza Strip.

Al-Obaid was shot and critically injured on Friday by Israeli soldiers stationed at borderline military watchtowers, as the latter violently suppressed Palestinians who rallied near Gaza borders in condemnations of Israel’s growing dominance over al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem.

The killing of al-Obaid brings the total number of Palestinians who were killed by Israeli soldiers during Friday rallies in Gaza to seven people. They were identified as Mohammed al-Raqab, 15, Shadi Dawleh, 20, Ahmad al-Hirbawi, 20, Abed al-Wahidi, 20, Zeyyad Sharaf, 20, Adnan Abu Elyyan, 22.

To be noted, Israeli troops routinely open fire at Palestinian farmers and other civilians if they approach borderline lands.  Israel has unilaterally declared a buffer zone extending between 500 meters and 1500 meters into the Strip, effectively turning local farms into no-go zones.

“Israeli forces’ use of live ammunition has placed up to 35 percent of Gaza’s agricultural land off-limits to farmers,’ said the United Nations’ OCHA.

Attacks by Israeli military and navy on farmers and fishermen come despite the signing of a ceasefire deal between Israel and the Palestinian factions on August 26 2014. The deal was supposed to put an end to all kinds of hostilities. However, multiple breaches by Israel have been reported.

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), The Israeli military has issued directives prohibiting any Palestinian presence on land within Gaza abutting the territory’s perimeter fence, currently up to 300 meters from the fence, but Israeli forces have frequently shot at Palestinians beyond that distance.

Under international human rights law, “lethal force may only be used when strictly necessary to prevent an imminent threat to life. Israeli soldiers do not face an imminent lethal threat from unarmed Palestinian civilians in areas of Gaza near the perimeter fence.”

“In violation of international humanitarian law (or the laws of war) which prohibits attacks on civilians, Israeli soldiers have repeatedly shot at civilians near the fence on the Palestinian side.”

Human Rights Watch noted that under the laws of war, attacks may only be directed at military objectives, such as enemy combatants.


“Forces must do everything feasible to verify that targets are military objectives, and if there is doubt, must cancel the attack. While civilians who take a direct part in hostilities are subject to attack, merely entering a prohibited area does not meet that requirement. Military personnel who willfully kill civilians are committing a war crime.”