Palestinians Injured during Clashes in East Jerusalem Village

JERUSALEM, April 25, 2015 (WAFA) – Dozens of Palestinians were shot and injured on Saturday and others suffocated during clashes that erupted with Israeli forces in the East Jerusalem village of al-Tur, following the Israeli soldiers’’ shooting and killing of a teenager earlier on Saturday.

WAFA correspondent reported that over 25 Palestinians were injured with rubber-coated steel bullets, mostly in the upper parts of their bodies, whereas 50 other Palestinians suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation as Israeli forces fired tear gas canisters and steel bullets during clashes in al-Tur.

These clashes erupted hours after Israeli forces stationed at the Z‘ayyim checkpoint to the east of Jerusalem shot dead a Palestinian teenager from al-Tur village.

Seventeen-year-old Ali Abu Ghannam was shot dead by Israeli forces stationed at the checkpoint around 1:00 a.m. following a scuffle.

WAFA correspondent added that all of the injured were treated by Palestinian paramedics at the scene.

Witnesses reported that soldiers stationed at the checkpoint stopped Abu Ghannam, who was crossing the checkpoint with his sister on foot, and insulted his sister verbally, provoking the scuffle.

Abu Ghannam engaged in a scuffle with the soldiers after they uttered vulgar words to his sister before he was shot dead.

Israeli police claimed that Abu Ghannam was shot dead after allegedly attempting to stab the soldiers. However, witnesses and the young man’s relatives denied such claims.

After being summoned by Israeli intelligence to identify his son’s body, Abu Ghannam’s father, Muhammad, was informed that his son’s body will be delivered to the family on condition that only 20 people attend the funeral.

Muhammad confirmed to WAFA that he refuses these conditions, demanding that a funeral procession be organized for his son.

Refuting Israeli police’ claims that his son attempted to stab soldiers, Muhammad said: “One who attempts to stab soldiers doesn’t wield a large knife and start running toward armed soldiers,” casting doubts on the Israeli version of the incident and describing it as ‘baseless’ and ‘illogical’.

He expressed his belief that the Israeli version of such incidents is intended to acquit Israeli soldiers and whitewash their crimes.