Palestinians Prisoners Subjected to Inhumane, Degrading Treatment in Israeli Detention Facility, reports Prisoners’ Committee

RAMALLAH, December 3, 2014 (WAFA) – The Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs Wednesday reported on illegal, immoral, and degrading practices by the Israeli Prison Service against Palestinian inmates in Etzion detention facility in the southern West Bank, including forcing prisoners to strip off their clothes.

Hussein Sheikh, an attorney with the Committee, said around 50 Palestinian inmates currently incarcerated in Etzion, near Bethlehem, are frequently subjected to immoral and humiliating practice, including being forced to strip off clothes in front of other inmates, which constitutes a blatant violation of international law.

Sheikh added that prisoners are also forced to completely strip off clothes before and after trial.

The attorney also reported on other forms of maltreatment against prisoners by the Israeli Prisons Service, including the use of foil language against them during the count time in the morning and the evening.

Cases of Physical abuse, solitary confinement, stripping off clothes in open air in chilly night air, deprivation of food and water for hours, and denial of breaks were also reported.

Sheikh said that prisoners live under bad conditions in their cells, including poor sanitation, infestation of insects, in addition to the severe shortage of sufficient warm winter blankets, which further aggravates their health conditions.

He called upon all human rights organizations to immediately intervene to stop these crimes, as well as to uphold their responsibility in this regard.

Sheikh’s report came two weeks after a special report by the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC) uncovered that hundreds of Palestinian minor inmates were subjected to sexual abuse by the Israeli Prison Service.

The report said at least 600 Palestinian children were arrested in Jerusalem since last June, of whom nearly 40% were exposed to sexual abuse during arrest or investigation by the Israeli authorities.