Palestinians Protest Minister Abu Ein’s Murder throughout Occupied Territories

JERUSALEM, December 11, 2014 (WAFA) – Palestinians Thursday demonstrated across the West Bank in protest of Minister Ziad Abu Ein’s murder by Israeli soldiers.

Hundreds demonstrated in the occupied East Jerusalem in protest of the murder of Head of the Anti-Wall and Settlement Committee Abu Ein, who died after being directly struck in the chest and choked by an Israeli soldier during a symbolic olive-tree-planting event in commemoration of the International Human Rights Day in Turmusaya near Ramallah.

Clashes erupted between Palestinians protesting Abu Ein’s murder near the entrance of Shu‘fat refugee camp and Israeli forces, who shut down the checkpoint.

Israeli forces fired dozens of tear gas canisters, stun grenades and sprayed skunk water at demonstrators, who threw stones and empty bottles in response.

Similar clashes erupted between demonstrators and Israeli forces across Silwan town after forces arrested early morning five locals and attempted to crush a school students’ demonstration.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops were stationed heavily at the entrance of al-‘Issawiya town, stopping and inspecting vehicles and passengers’ identity cards.

Similar confrontations were reported to have erupted Monday night at the entrance of al-Eizariya town to the east of the city. Forces attempted to crush a local demonstration, indiscriminately firing tear gas canisters and rubber-coated metal bullets at demonstrators, who hurled stones and empty bottles at them.

Dozens reportedly suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation.

Similar clashes took place Monday night in Wadi al-Joz near the Old City, al-Ram and ‘Anata towns and the vicinity of Qalandya Israeli military checkpoint to the north of the city.

Meanwhile in Hebron, demonstrating school students and Israeli troops clashed during a protest which took off to protest the unlawful murder of Abu Ein.

Israeli soldiers surrounded Hebron Elementary School, Khadija School and al-Ibrahimiya in the southern part of the city and fired tear gas canisters, concussion bombs and rubber-coated steel bullets at the students in an attempt to crush the demonstration.

Dozens of students and teachers suffocated including Hani Haddush, 37, a teacher, who was rushed into a local hospital for medical treatment.

Meanwhile in the Jenin district, forces raided several towns, including Fahma, Kufr Ra‘I, ‘Arraba and ‘Ajja, sparking clashes with locals.

They fired tear gas canisters and concussion bombs, causing several young people in Fahma to suffocate.