PLO Executive Committee Adopts Recommendations to Determine Ties with Israel

RAMALLAH, November 4, 2015 (WAFA) – The Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee Wednesday adopted the recommendations of the political committee concerning security, political and economic ties with Israel, saying the situation cannot continue like this.

The Executive Committee warned, during its meeting chaired by President Mahmoud Abbas, against the ongoing provocative encroachments of Al-Aqsa Mosque and its yards and explained that the persistence of such actions is an indication to the Israeli government and the municipality’s premeditated intentions to change the status quo of before 2000.

The committee said it is indispensable to guarantee free access to all Palestinians to enter to Jerusalem and pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque without discrimination.

It condemned the shooting-to-kill policy and executions in Jerusalem and the Israeli army and police’s practices, including homes’ demolition and movement restrictions through checkpoints and roadblocks.

Members of the committee deplored the threats expressed by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against the Palestinians in Jerusalem. Netanyahu threatened to withdraw the identity cards of Palestinians who live in parts of Jerusalem located outside the segregation wall.

The committee said such threats are illegal and contradict with Israel’s pledge, 11 years ago in front of the international court, to maintain the social fabric of Jerusalem’s Palestinians.

It further discussed efforts of the Jordanian King, Abdullah II, in stopping Israel’s plans in Al-Aqsa Mosque, the situation in Hebron and the crimes committed against its people and settlers’ increasing violations.

Praising the international community’s increasing support, the committee called on world parliaments to condemn the laws passed by the Israeli Knesset, which aim to shed Palestinians’ blood and punish children, through harsh sentences and collective punishments.

The committee further discussed the violations against Palestinian press and journalists, paramedics and medical faculties and hospitals. Meanwhile, it affirmed that targeting journalists aims to hide the truth and misguide public opinion.

The Belfour Declaration was discussed and the committee called on the international community to assume full responsibility and end the occupation. It also condemned Netanyahu’s attempts to blame Palestinians for the Holocaust and called on world powers to reject such accusations.

To conclude, the committee also affirmed that efforts are being made to achieve the reconciliation by holding a regular session by the National Council.