Poll Shows Palestinians Support ICC Move, Despite Salary Crisis

RAMALLAH, March 10, 2015 (WAFA) – A recent poll conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre (JMCC) found out almost 69% of the Palestinians support the Palestinian leadership’s move to appeal to the International Criminal Court (ICC), even with the financial crisis gripping the Palestinian Authority.

According to the poll, some 69% of the respondents said they support President Mahmoud Abbas’ move, while another 20.5% said they would prefer that Abbas would backtrack and rescind the court appeal.

The poll included a sample of about 1,200 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Of those, some 64.1% said Israel was responsible for the salary crisis, while 16.8% held the PA responsible for the issue.

The remainder of those who were surveyed, about 17%, believed that either the donor countries or the Arab countries were responsible in this regard.

On January 8, the international court accepted the accession of the state of Palestine, which is supposed to go into effect on April 1. The step was made possible through a series of moves adopted by the Palestinian leadership to internationalize the ongoing crisis between Palestine and Israel, which occupies the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Since then, Israel refused to transfer around $254 million in clearance taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinian government, as per the Oslo Agreement of 1993.  To cover salaries for approximately one-fourth of the entire workforce, the Palestinian Authority has slashed wages by 40 percent and is resorting to bank loans to cover them.