Presidential Spokesperson: ‘International Coalition’ Needed to End Occupation

Nabil Abu Rudeineh

RAMALLAH, September 16, 2014 (WAFA) – Presidential spokesperson Nabil Abu Rudainah said that, “as long as the goal of the newly formed coalitions is to fight terrorism, the formation of an international coalition is needed first and foremost in order to end the Israeli occupation, or else the region would be dragged into more chaos and disintegration.”

He added that the currents changes taking place in the region, along with the formation of new coalitions, will lead to a change in the balance of power on the ground, making the formation of an international coalition an urgent need to end the occupation.

Abu Rudaineh stressed that the dangers and changes currently existing in the region are the result of the Israeli occupation, and “without a solution agreed upon by the Palestinians and Arabs, no one will enjoy security or stability.”

The official pointed out that utilizing chaos for regional and international interests is rejected; “the region would consequently go through new mazes and hazardous anarchy,” he said.


Source: WAFA