Prisoner Allan Wakes Up From Coma, Resumes Hunger Strike

RAMALLAH, August 18, 2015 (WAFA) – Head of the legal unit in the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC) Jawad Boulos, Monday said Palestinian detainee Mohammed Allan, who has been hunger striking for over two months to protest his illegal detention, has woken up from coma and resumed his hunger strike.

Allan was arrested by Israel in November 2014 and has been placed under detention without charge or trial (known as administrative detention) since then. Allan was moved from Soroka hospital in Beersheba when doctors refused to force-feed him. He is currently being kept at Barzilai Medical Center, after Israeli physicians expressed willingness to force-feed Allan, an act deemed illegal by international human law

According to chairman of commission of prisoners’ affairs, Minister Issa Qaraqi, there are doubts that physicians at Barzilai Medical Center, in Ashkelon, had anesthetized him last Friday as a prelude to force-feed him.

Head of Club’s legal unit said Allan expressed total rejection to pre-conditions set by the Israeli prosecution’s in return for his release. The Israeli prosecution Sunday asked the supreme court of Israel to expel Allan abroad for four years as a condition to releasing him.

Regarding the health status of Allan, Bolous said physicians reported that Allan is still in a very bad shape and at risk of death.

Bolous, who visited Allan at the center, reported on Allan as objecting to the administration of medication or other substances via his vein, demanding the center to stop. However, after being informed about the severity of his health status Allan agreed to take some nourishments for the next 24 hours, while he awaits a decision to be taken by the supreme court of Israel on Wednesday regarding his release.

Allan stressed that in case no agreement was reached to release him, he would ask physicians to stop any form of treatment and that he would refrain from drinking water as well.

The supreme court of Israel was set to take a decision regarding Allan’s release on Monday, however, according to Qaraqi the court postponed the hearing till Wednesday to look into his medical file.

On Sunday, Qaraqi reported that physicians at the Center discovered a bile leakage from his gallbladder that spread into his liver and intestines; which would poison his body if left untreated.