Prisoner’s Club Appeals for Release of Palestinian Minor Shot and Detained by Israel

RAMALLAH, September 27, 2015 (WAFA) – A lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC) Sunday said that efforts are underway to ensure the release of a Palestinian minor, who was shot and detained by Israeli forces at the entrance of Bethlehem, given the seriousness of his health condition.

PPC said that Minor Issa al-Ma’ati, 13, who is currently receiving treatment at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, was shot by Israeli forces with a dum-dum bullet in his leg on September 18, 2015.

The minor, who is currently being shackled to his hospital bed by Israeli police, might need to undergo a leg amputation surgery due to a severe laceration to his right leg, where he received the dum-dum bullet, which is designed to expand on impact to produce a larger diameter wound.

The lawyer held the Israeli government fully responsible for the minor’s life, stressing that all efforts are being exerted to ensure his release, given his young age and the severity of his medical condition.

The minor, al-Ma’ati, underwent a surgery, where artificial arteries were implanted in his leg, however, the surgery failed, which the lawyer stated, could necessitate the amputation of his leg, thus rendering him disabled.

In light of the newly-issued Israeli  decision to use a round of tough measures against Palestinian rock-throwers, including the use of sniper fire against them, the lawyer dubbed the Israeli decisions as a ‘premeditated field execution’.

According to NY Times,’ Israel’s security cabinet approved a series of measures on Thursday as part of a crackdown on rock throwing and firebombing by Palestinians in Jerusalem, including minimum sentences and greater leeway for the police to open fire.’

It said that, ‘under the new regulations, police have permission to open fire not only when their own lives are threatened, as was the case previously, but also when there is “an immediate and concrete danger” to civilians.

In addition, NY Times added that, ‘the government is preparing legislation to impose minimum prison terms of four years — the maximum is 20 years — for adults who throw rocks, homemade firebombs or shoot fireworks directly at people during confrontations. Increased fines will be imposed on convicted minors, ages 14 to 18, and their parents, and that child support benefits will be revoked for jailed minors,’

It said that ‘Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented the new steps as part of a “fight against those who throw rocks and firebombs and shoot fireworks.’

“We intend to change the norm that has become established here, that the State of Israel allows these deadly and murderous objects to be thrown without response and without being thwarted,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

‘These decisions will apply to all citizens and residents of Israel. We intend to change the norm that has become established here, that the state of Israel allows these deadly and murderous objects to be thrown without response and without being thwarted. This will change.” Netanyahu said.

Commenting on the Israeli decision regarding Palestinian stone-throwers, Yaakov Lappin noted in Jerusalem Post that, ‘The measures will only work to reduce violence “if combined with attempts by authorities to raise the quality of life for ordinary east Jerusalem Palestinians”, noted.

Meanwhile, Yuval Diskin, former head of Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence agency, said the measures would worsen the situation, reported media outlets.

‘Those who believe that a quicker finger on the trigger through eased live-fire rules will stop the stone-throwing terror – are wrong,’ Diskin said.

‘There is no greater mistake than causing more bloodshed, especially of citizens. The opposite is true. That only serves to worsen and escalate the situation,’ Diskin said.

Netanyahu, however, defended the decision, saying it would challenge those who throw deadly objects threatening the lives of others.

In the meantime, B’tselem, an Israeli human rights organization, said that, ‘Allowing the use of live ammunition against stone-throwers in East Jerusalem will have lethal consequences.’

“The government seems hell bent on using force, and nothing but force, in East Jerusalem.”

B’Tselem said that, “Based on experience gained over recent years in the West Bank, B’Tselem expects that AG approval for this move would not have the result desired by the government and rather than “restore order” to Jerusalem, it would exacerbate the cycle of violence with lethal results.”