Both through governmental and non-governmental organizations Denmark and Palestine collaborate on a number of issues.


The Danish Representative Office to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) represents the Danish Government to the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA. The Office is located in Ramallah and is responsible for Denmark’s humanitarian and development assistance programmes in the oPt. The three main objectives of this assistance are to contribute to 1) peace building, 2) state building and 3) improved livelihood for the Palestinian people.


Professional Danish NGOs working in Palestine

Danish Center for Culture and Development (CKU/DCCD)

Since 2008, Danish Center for Culture and Development has collaborated with the Danish Representative Office in Ramallah on a partnership based culture development program for Palestine. A new program, which will continue until the end of 2012, focuses particularly on marginalised regions and population groups. Learn more about Culture Program Palestine.

DanChurchAid (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp)

Since the early 1950s, DanChurchAid has worked among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank. Today, the organisation is primarily present in Gaza and the West Bank and their work focus on the following: Relief aid, women’s rights, advocacy and improving the living standards of the Palestinian population.  Specifically, DanChurchAid has worked in the Palestinian territories since 1948. Today they work closely with local partners in three main fields: livelihood protection, active citizenship and advocacy. DanChurchAid is an independent organization, whose work is financed via fundraising campaigns, contributions from individuals, companies and funds from the Danish government (Danida), the UN, EU and other bilateral donors.


KVINFO and The Insan Centre for Gender Research at Al Quds University and KVINFO have agreed on a partnership for the development of a Who is She in Palestine database. The aim of The Who is She in Palestine Expert database is to draw focus to the many highly skilled professional women in Palestine. The database is a tool to make women’s expertise visible for journalists and others looking for an expert, for an interview, for a board, for a lecture etc. Learn more about Who is She.

The Danish House in Palestine

The Danish House in Palestine located in Ramallah (DHIP) is a non-profit, non-governmental, politically independent organization that facilitates dialogue and cultural exchanges between Danish and Palestinian professionals. DHIP provides designers, auto mechanics, journalists, students, filmmakers, farmers, and many more with the opportunity to participate in inspiring, intercultural, exchange projects.

Danish Refugee Council

Since September 2004, DRC has been implementing projects in Lebanon, targeting several needy groups. Activities in support of the Palestinians include advocacy, legal aid, shelter reconstruction and other material support for 2,200 so-called ’non-ID’ (undocumented) refugees, scattered throughout Lebanon. DRC has also studied the legal situation and needs of Palestinian refugees non-registered (with UNRWA). Educational, life skills and livelihood support have as well been offered to 750 marginalised Palestinian youth in the largest and most volatile refugee camp in Lebanon – Ein el-Helweh, in the southern city of Saida.

SOS Children’s Villages, Denmark

SOS Children’s Villages has been present in the Palestinian Territories since 1968. The work of SOS Children’s Villages has adapted to meet the needs of the local population. The organisation operates mobile medical centres which also provide psycho-social support to children and families who have been traumatised by the violence in the area. At present there are two SOS Children’s Villages in the Palestinian Territories, two SOS Youth Facilities, three SOS Kindergartens, two SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools, one psycho-social mobile Medical Centre, six psycho-social relief service centres, three Social Centres and one small Medical Centre.

Danish Muslim Aid (DM-Aid)

DM-Aid is the largest relief organization in Denmark, established and run by Muslims. They work with a number of actions in 28 countries in Africa, The Middle East and Asia. Their work is primarily fundraising, whilst they let local partners in the involved countries execute the projects and tasks. In Gaza DM-Aid runs activities in the following areas: orphans, iftar during the Ramadan, Qurban at Eid al-Kabir, summer camps and school supplies such as school uniforms, school bags and decent writing instruments.


Danish youth organizations active in the Palestinian cause

Danish Red Cross Youth

Danish Red Cross Youth and Palestine Red Crescent have a partnership focusing on strengthening the Palestine Red Crescents at the organizational and activity levels. In 2012, Danish Red Cross Youth will support Palestine Red Crescent Youth and Volunteer Department to develop an area of expertise within psychosocial youth work, taking its point of departure in psychosocial sports.

Child Rights Ambassadors (Red Barnet Ungdom’s international name)has two volunteer groups focusing on Palestinian children and youth: The Palestine group and the Lebanon group which works with Palestinian refugees.

Click here for more information about the Palestine group. Click here for more information about the Lebanon group.

Nødhjælpens Ungdom (NU) represents another Danish youth organisation who makes events and conducts campaigns focusing on the challenges the developing countries face. Their goal is to influence the Danish population and the politicians in a way so the world’s poorest people are given higher priority.

NU conducted in 2012 the campaign “Palæstina ansigt til ansigt” (Palestine face to face) and in this connection they created a copy of the wall on Roskilde Festival.