Report: EU developing 2013 Mideast peace plan

TEL AVIV, January 13, 2013 (Ma’an) – According to Israeli media, the European Union is developing a proposal to restart peace talks between Israel and Palestine, which the union will put forward in March.

According to the report, the proposal poses a regional Middle Eastern committee to oversee the process, and Palestinian officials have already announced that they will join the body.

The proposal will set out principles of a future peace accord, and include a timetable for negotiating all key issues during 2013, Israeli diplomatic sources told newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

The proposal has been championed by British and French foreign ministers, is supported by Germany. EU foreign policy Chief Cathrine Ashton is trying to persuade the rest of the EU members on board.

“The Europeans can’t force Israel to enter into an agreement, but they can certainly put us in an awkward position”, a senior Israeli official told the newspaper.

He added: “They are drafting a document which will present principles of a future peace accord, putting it on the table as a challenge. It is likely the Palestinians will accept it and that Israel will have some difficulty. It will drive us into the corner”.

Source: Ma’an News