Report: Village Slated for Demolition by Israel Built on Private Palestinian Land

JERUSALEM, July 26, 2015 (WAFA) – The Palestinian village of Sussia, south of Hebron, which is slated for demolition by Israeli authorities, is built on private Palestinian land owned by local people, proved a document obtained by the Israeli daily Haaretz from the so-called Israeli Civil Administration.

According to Haaretz, despite the findings by Civil Administration officer Moshe Meiri, ‘Sussia residents still need building permits in order to prevent the planned demolition.’

It said Meiri’s report appears ‘to counter the reasoning that building permits cannot be issued to the local people because of a lack of ownership papers.’

The daily added that the internal document was obtained following an inquiry by the Jabour family, “which bases a claim to land near Sussia on Ottoman documents from 1881.”

On March 29, the Israeli government asked the High Court of Justice for permission to demolish the ancient Palestinian village of Sussia, south of Hebron, and relocate its residents to nearby Yatta.

It said the government’s intent was noted in a response to the High Court of Justice regarding a petition filled by Sussia residents and human rights organizations about a year earlier.

Prior to this, another petition was filed by the Regavim organization, funded by settler-group Amana and regional authorities in the West Bank, calling for what they described as Palestinian “illegal outposts” in Sussia to be demolished.

However, Israel opposed the court’s temporary injunction against demolition, despite the fact it often supports such temporary injunctions when they are made against illegal Jewish outposts.

The petition criticized decisions made by the Civil Administration’s planning committee to reject an alternate plan suggested by Susia residents, stating that the relocation to Yatta is in Palestinians’ best interest.