Rights Organization Demands Israel to Release Palestinian Journalists

VIENNA, April 10, 2012 (WAFA) – The human rights organization, Friends of Humanity International, called on the Israeli authority to release Palestinian journalist Mohammad Mona in addition to seven other Journalists, Tuesday said a statement issued by the organization.

Israeli army arrested Mona, a correspondent from Quds Press International News Agency, on April 3rd after raiding his house in Al-Dahiya, a neighborhood east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and transferred him to Majedo Israeli prison north of Israel.

Friends of Humanity International condemned the Israeli arrest of journalists since these “illegal deeds” represent “severe hostilities and aggression on the freedom of journalism,” as well as terrify the journalists’ families and children.

The statement said it falls under the responsibility of all authorities not to oppress, arrest, threat, or carry out actions that would hinder journalists from practicing their profession based on international laws and conventions.

The organization expressed very profound concerns for the life of Mona who is not allowed to see his advocate.

“Friends of Humanity is afraid of a potential and regular torture to the prisoner Mona during investigation executed by Israeli intelligence services (Shabak) in the IDF Jails centers. The Israeli investigators execute a technique of posing prisoners to very severe psychological and physical pressures such as crossing them on chairs or walls and depriving them from sleeping to days,” said the statement.

Source WAFA News